The Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Kotzias said at the presser that followed the 2nd Ministerial meeting among government officials from Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM and Greece, that he saw it as a step toward development and cooperation.

Kotzias added that the future of all four countries lies with Europe, “but a Europe in which we will be working together”, he stressed.

The stability of Southern Europe is of utmost importance mentioned Kotzias and explained that the name issue of FYROM will be thoroughly examined at some point in the future. Regarding the maps of geography used at the Albanian schools, the Greek official was clear, saying they are “unacceptable by European standards”.

Greece’s Foreign Minister openly supports the Bulgarian and Romanian accessions to the Schengen Zone while other matters such as energy, security, the fight against the organised crime, terrorism and the consequences of the current refugee/migrant crisis were also discussed.

The next such meeting is expected to take place in six months in Thessaloniki again with issues such as Brexit are said to top its agenda.

And lastly, it was proposed that the 4th Ministerial Meeting could perhaps be held in Tirana, Albania.